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Interactive Learning Blogs | WTD 01

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Hi Connectors:

Keeping in line with our 'microlearning mantra', we will start our interactive learning blog series soon. What do we mean by interactive? Well, check out an example below where we have the first instance of the What's The Difference (WTD) microlearning series.

On this occasion, the learning objective of WTD 01 is to explain the difference between digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation.

If you are viewing on a mobile or tablet device, 'tap' to begin and 'swipe' to move to and fro.

How did you like the example?! Did you get what we mean by interactive learning blogs? Pretty much, we want to engage most if not all the VARK learning styles while moving the audience from a passive role to a more active and sometimes collaborative role in their blogging consumption experience.

While of course learning empirical data and factual information. Hope you enjoy!


Did you learn something new today? Share your comments below!

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